Important Considerations Choosing OTC Pain Relief

Minute With Amit – OTC Pain Relief

Amit, Hi-Desert’s local leading Pharmacist with Avalon Pharmacy here. What do we do if we are in pain and we need something over the counter? Today I am going to talk about a few products that are effective and available OTC (over the counter).

Important Considerations Choosing OTC Pain Relief:

  • Ibuprofen – Advil – Motrin – All Have The Same Active Ingredient
  • Take Ibuprofen every 4-6hr in moderation
  • Ibuprofen is available in 100mg liquid for children and is an effective fever reducer
  • Take Aleve – Naproxen Sodium can be taken eavery 8 – 12 hrs (Use in Moderation)
  • Take these NSAIDs with food
  • Higher Doses Available by Prescription

Your health and safety is our primary concern at Avalon Pharmacy.

If you have any specific questions regarding OTC Pain Relief, please feel free to call us at 760-853-5195.

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  • June 18, 2020