3 Essential, Simple Daily Tips to Start the New Year!

Avalon Pharmacy Shares About 3 Essential, Simple Daily Tips to Start the New Year for HI-Desert / Morongo Basin Residents


Yucca Valley’s leading Pharmacist, Amit Kakar, Pharm.D. here.

Today’s Healthy Tip of the Week is about the benefits of having a fruitful and balanced living.

Join us this week as we learn three essential tips on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  • One essential tip is keeping ourselves hydrated.
  • Only 22% of Americans drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. 
  • As we age, the chances of dehydration increase significantly. Thus, it is vital to always keep yourself hydrated.
  • Water is beneficial with blood circulation and digestion, which are two of the most important bodily functions.
  • Another essential tip is taking Multivitamins. Around 76% of Americans do not eat enough fruits, while 87% do not eat enough vegetables.
  • Multivitamins provide such essential nutrients that can help us with this deficiencies, that can greatly help in achieving a healthy heart, boost the immune system and contribute to better energy level.
  • Lastly, take Vitamin C consistently. The real benefit of Vitamin C, can be obtained by taking it on a daily basis.
  • The recommended intake is 90mg-2000mg per day. Vitamin C also helps in energizing brain function.

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  • January 6, 2022